1.The Caspian Sea

World’s largest lake, The CaspianSea, has its unique charm among the hearts of tourists around the around. No country can be better when it comes to experiencing the Caspian Sea at its best than Azerbaijan. With a long coastline of around 500 km, one can see the best of Caspian Sea not only in and around the capital city of Baku but also in remote resort beaches in the north and down south near Iran border, the surreal experience of blue Caspian Sea can be breathtaking to speak the least.

  1. Baku

Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan mix of a modern city in the heart of its history and culture. Ranging from modern architectural marvels like the famous The Flame Towers toIcherisheher (Old Baku) with the medieval foundation, exhibiting Islamic styles of architecture. Overlooking the Caspian Sea, Baku provides some of the most exotic locations in the world for a once in a lifetime vacation.

  1. Absheron National Park

Right in the capital city of to the east of Baku sits Absheron National Park. The arid plains caused by these-desert climate cover almost 783 hectares of pure flora and fauna of Azerbaijan. 50 species of animals including gazelles, jackals, badgers, jellyfish and Caspian seals are some of the main attractions in the region where the month of September onwards is the best to spot some of the rare sightings of seals. Apart from that, the mesmerising landscapes will make your visit worth it for this beautiful piece of land 60 km from Baku.

  1. GarasuVolcano

Home to one of the highest numbers of mud volcanoes in the world, Azerbaijan has had mud erupting up to a thousand metres into the air. A rare sight one must witness this place where tourists often say that it looks like the surface of the moon! The first mud volcanoes are said to have erupted in Azerbaijan 25 million years ago.

  1. Gobustan

Pre-historic stone age 6000 cave paintings over 537hectares is a great example of early civilization sprouting up in the region which is considered the birthplace for the Caucasoid race getting its name from Caucasus mountains. It is often referred to as Azerbaijan’s version of Stonehenge in the United Kingdom, the world’s most well-known standing creation from pre-historic times.

  1. Agh Gol National Park

Azerbaijan is the home to a range of national parks be it semi-arid or that in low-lands like that in Agh GolNational Park known for its migratory birds apart from the picturesque landscapes.

  1. Sheki

Like the previous spots on our list, Sheki too has been of huge historical importance to study the evolution of the human race. Greater Caucasus Mountain nurtured Sheki in the foothills. The town dates back to two and a half thousand years, making it one of the oldestCaucasus settlements. Later part of the historic Silk Road, one can witness the beauty of such exquisite handicraft. Today, the historical region with ancient mosques, castles and the 18th-century Palace of Sheki Khans is another primary attraction in the region of historic importance.

  1. Qabala (Gabala)

Lush green hills signify the former capital of the Caucasus Albanians in northern Azerbaijan. Historical archaeological sites from almost 2500 years ago. Ski resorts are unique attractions of this place apart from numerous waterfalls and valleys that add to the beauty of the place.

  1. Quba

2350 metres up in the lush mountains amongst a small all-Jewish settlement makes Quba the most picturesque destination for hikers and others alike in the North East of Azerbaijan. The historic castle at Quba was built by the ruler Anushiravan in the 11th century.

  1. Astara

One of the most beautiful cities near the Iranian border, Astara is known for its beautiful natural and made-made marvels at the same time. Mountains and forests in the areas along with ancient villages, mosques and archaeological findings make the area truly unique with a civilization dated back to 2000 years ago.