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387 days ago

Goygol National Park

Goygol National Park is located in the extreme north of Azerbaijan, on the foothill of the Caucasus. The area is rich in minerals and hydrocarbons. The park covers 1197 hectares. The rocks and soil cover a large area of ​​the Goygol mountain range. The relief is mostly composed of jagged peaks, many of them over 1000 meters high. Located in Goygol national park are more than 500 species of plants, including rare ones such as Giant Larch cedar ("Pinus Pegasus") and Globular juniper ("Juniperus Globosa"). There are also more than 60 species of mammals and about 140 species of birds living here, including rare ones like an ancient leopard,rufous-throated titmouse, and a turquoise parakeet.

Ateshgah Temple

Ateshgah temple. Located in the center of Baku is one of the most beautiful and mystic places in Azerbaijan. The Ateshgah, meaning "Ancestor's Place", is one of the most famous religious buildings in Azerbaijan, which was originally built by Safavi king Huseyn, who was also the founder of the medieval city of Baku.

Baku Ferris Wheel

Baku Ferris Wheel is one of the most popular attractions in Azerbaijan. Spinning around for 1.5 minutes at a speed of 10 meters per second, the Baku Ferris Wheel was built with the purpose to make all visitors happy and give them free time for leisure. There are only two other Ferris wheels in the world that exceed the Baku Ferris Wheel in terms of technological and cultural application combined into one fascinating experience: The Millennium Wheel and the Big Wheel in China.

Shirvanshahs' Palace

The Shirvanshahs Palace is one of the oldest and maximum fascinating monuments of Azerbaijan architecture, which belongs to the rulers of Shirvan, and is positioned on the beaches of the Caspian Sea in Baku. Has long palace ensemble attracted the attention of researchers over the course of us of a, it's miles due to the fact there has been no such famous monument, which turned into occupied by way of so many scientists. The palace with all its incoming buildings occupies a fairly massive area, however, the building is a -tale structure, quite easy in architectural layout. Consequently, scientists suggest that this is the first actual construction of the architectural ensemble. Shirvanshah Palace is the pearl of the architectural background of Azerbaijan placed in the heart of Baku. Amazingly lovely, complicated beside the palace includes Divan Khan's courtyard, tomb, and the mosque of 1441, in addition to the lavatories and mausoleum of courtroom student Seyid Yahya Bakuvi.

Azerbaijan offers something for all interests and tastes.

Don't let the visa myths stop you and consider visiting Azerbaijan too! It's so worth it, for many reasons: people, landscape, architecture, and food! I bet you'd enjoy it too! Their historical monuments and historical culture attract tourists. then again, Azerbaijan is a contemporary worth visiting the place and the tourism infrastructure has advanced and modernised. Their wonderful cuisine, beautiful weather, and hospitable humans make it very appealing to travellers.