Winters in Georgia- An experience of a lifetime

Imagine a day in the middle of the raging heights of the Caucasus mountains with white flaky snow all around and a glass of perfect European wine in your hand. That is a good day we must agree and, in a vacation,, you truly deserve. If the perfect European experience comes to you without pinching a hole in your pocket, I must say, Georgia it is for you!

Few know that the Caucasus mountains is the reason Georgia is saved for the savage grip of extreme weather conditions and Arctic Cyclones like in the rest of Europe. The rough ridges in the mountains stand tall against the wind giving a picturesque beauty to the roughness.


One cannot agree more that the home to the highest peak in Europe Mount Elbrus on the other side also provides some of the gentlest meadows for skiing. The history of skiing in Georgia dates back to 1900s when the first skiing resort was started. Bakuriani and Gudauri continue to be the most famous skiing retreats in Georgia with first-class ski resorts providing the world-class luxury standards.

Mestia, Khatsvali and Tetnuldi are emerging skiing destinations where one can enjoy the serene beauty away from the mainstream crowd. This is one of the reasons Georgia has emerged as a popular winter destination in the world tourism map.

Winter Sports

When it comes to winter sports, Georgia has its history. Under the USSR Georgia was a popular destination for the then Soviet winter entertainment especially in Bakuriani with offering a range of exotic winter sports like slalom, bobsleigh, biathlon, and springboard diving so much so, Bakuriani was also a candidate to host the Winter Olympic Games in 2014. Winter sports training centre for athletes are loved by professional skiers and snowboarders especially for the steepest slopes in the terrains.

Winter Escape all year long

Even it is a scorching day in your part of the world, it is not in some parts of Georgia! One can enjoy the bliss of wintery chills any time around the year in Gudauri or even Bakuriani surrounded by whispering woods and pleasant winter air away from the heat of your home summer.

Georgia is majorly known for its mild weather, and pleasant climate has been a major destination for the Middle East and South Asian tourists. It provides the perfect combination of European charm and adventure in the winters. If it is a winter destination that you are looking for you have it all here-be it sporty, classy or romantic.

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