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About Us
Hello there!

The colour 'Blue' symbolizes reliability and trust and we at 'BlueGlobeZ' assure you of reliability and trustworthy travels with us.

We are a young dynamic team of travel experts based in Mumbai, India. With a humble start in 2017, as a Travel Representation company for a bunch of countries, then setting up a Travel galleria and later getting into the DMC space focussing into the Caucasus markets, we have been a catalyst in boosting sales to these countries.

Today, we stand tall and are a proud Brand name for Caucasian regions.

We have now embarked on our journey of delving further into these regions and expanding our reach to the other CIS (Common Wealth of Independent states) countries, which are now included in our Travel portfolio. These regions through vast and diverse, are extremely intriguing and gaining popularity worldwide. 

With the world becoming a smaller place and global travellers yearning to explore uncharted territories, we help you explore the unexplored, enchanting sights of the world.

We strive to be the market leader and the 'first choice' of Travel Trade for the CIS countries .

Mission - Formulating new offerings to our partners and through innovative solutions simplifying travel booking complexities.

Vision -To introduce newer destinations keeping in mind evolving traveller's preferences and to become the "Market Leader" of those destinations by providing products and services, par excellence.