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Why Armenia Should Be on Every Travel Agency's Radar
167 days ago

Armenia, nestled in the Caucasus region is a not-so-explored destination full of rich history, breathtaking landscapes, and extraordinary cultural heritage with people known for their warm hospitality. This blog highlights reasons why you should add upgrade your agency with Armenia & promote it as a must-visit tourist destination for your clients

With the tourism industry booming like never before, famous destinations are easily crowded, making new travelers want to avoid crowds and explore more off-the-beaten countries with unique attractions, just like Armenia.

1. Rich & Timeless Heritage
Armenia is known to be one of the oldest inhabited regions on earth. From the ancient kingdom of Urartu to the early adoption of Christianity, it is a land with incomparable history. Your customers can experience fascinating archeological sites like UNESCO-listed Zvartnots Cathedral, the mesmerizing Geghard Monastery carved into a mountainside, The Cathedral of Echmiadzin, one of the oldest churches in the world and also the famous Temple of Garmi.

2. Stunning Natural Landscapes
Armenia’s diverse landscape is not one to be missed out on, especially for nature lovers. From the lush forests of Dilijan National Park to the stunning Lake Sevan, the largest alpine lake in the region, they will experience a wealth of natural beauty. They can hike through the dramatic landscapes of the Armenian Highlands or simply relax in the healing mineral waters of Jermuk.

3. Fabled Armenian hospitality
Ask the ones who have visited Armenia and they will surely speak highly of the local’s warm hospitality. The Armenians are always ready to share stories of their history, traditions, culture, and delectable cuisine too. Encourage your customers to indulge in the local’s daily life and let them experience the feeling of being at home in a foreign country.

4. Adventure Sporting options
Armenia hasn’t left out any options when it comes to entertaining adventure junkies. It boasts group facilities that offer wine factory tours, relaxing resort towns, adventure sports like Mountain Biking in the Geghama mountain range, Paragliding on Mount Hatis, Bungee Jumping in Hell’s Canyon, Hot-air Balloon rides in Garni, Hiking opportunities in the gorgeous countryside, experience the world’s longest Zipline over the lovely valley of Tsaghkasz or the lush forests of Yenokavan, Skiing, Rock climbing, etc.

5. Unique Cultural Experiences
Armenia is a treasure trove of unique cultural experiences. Your clients can witness the captivating performances of traditional Armenian music and dance, learn the art of Armenian carpet weaving, or take part in the vibrant street festivals that celebrate the country's rich cultural heritage. Encourage them to explore the Vernissage open-air market in Yerevan, where they can find exquisite handmade crafts, jewelry, and traditional artworks to bring home a souvenir

6. Culinary Delights
Armenian cuisine is a celebration of their heritage and a feast for the senses. Suggest they Start with Lavash, the foundation of many meals, then the mouthwatering Armenian barbecue, sample the distinctive flavors of traditional dolma, and indulge in the heavenly sweetness of Armenian desserts like pakhlava. Your clients will undoubtedly fall in love with their flavors. For those who are not so fond of variety, Armenia does have many Indian restaurants, which will make you feel at home.

Armenia is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by travelers from around the globe and the current climatic condition suggests the period between June to September, to be the best possible time to visit. The perfect reason for you to promote this destination to your customers and give them a unique and authentic experience

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