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A Guide to Georgia's Outdoor Adventure Paradise
322 days ago

With its high mountains, an abundance of nature, and a plethora of facilities started by the tourism industry, Georgia has made sure it is one of the top destinations for adventure sports. In this blog, we will cover the top 5 adventure options your clients can enjoy on their trip to Georgia.

Georgia boasts 18 ziplines, and the best time to indulge in this adventure is from April to November. They are usually open to visitors all day long until 10 p.m.
    1. Zipline on Turtle Lake
The longest continuous zip line in Georgia is on Turtle Lake. Swing 1200 meters from Turtle Lake to Vake Park with space for two people side by side at once, and it takes 1.5 minutes to complete the course.
    2. Zipline in Sairme (Imereti)
Set up at Sairme Resort, near Kinchkhi waterfall, this 800-meter swing goes from the mountains to the park. The swing is divided into two segments of 500 and 300 meters.
    3. Zipline on Makhuntseti (Adjara)
The 512-meter zipline in the Adjara Mountains will bring you memories for a lifetime. The swing starts at the top of Makhuntseti Falls and ends at Queen Tamar Bridge. During the course, you will experience a beautiful waterfall, picturesque mountains, the Adjaristskali River, and the ATS HPP.

Zipline tours are carried out in compliance with all safety rules and norms, as the process is led by professional, certified instructors who provide the necessary training to tour participants.

River Rafting
The rafting season starts on April 22 and lasts until October 15, but the months of July, August, and September are recommended for those new to the sport.
    1. Rafting in Rioni
When the water level drops from mid-July to November, rafting time increases to 3 hours and is available even for children over 10 years old. The route is 23 kilometers long. During the course, you will witness the combination of two different colors of the Rioni and Lekhidari rivers. The valley has wild canyons, giant rocks, and whirlpools, and you will encounter many large and small waterfalls. The entire rafting takes place under the Khvamli mountain, located at an altitude of 2002 meters.
    2. Rafting in Mt. Kvari
With a length of 1515 km, the Mtkvari is the largest river in the Caucasus, originating in in Turkey, crossing Georgia and Azerbaijan to empty into the Caspian Sea. The route starts from Chitakhevi village, is 14 km long, and takes 1.5 hours. It is safe for beginners and has a minimum age limit of 16 years. During the trip, you can experience unique rock formations, snow-capped Caucasus Mountains, lush vegetation, and meander through deep gorges and canyons with towering cliffs on either side.
    3. Rafting in Adjara
The Adjaristsqali River, located in Adjara, 30 km from Batumi, is a hotspot for river rafting. The course can be completed in an hour by amateur and professional rafting enthusiasts alike. It is ideal for those who do not like to run through the riches of nature. Stunning Gorges, Dense forests, Traditional Georgian Villages, and Majestic Waterfalls add beauty to your rafting adventure.

Each rafting tour will have a professional instructor to guide you and ensure your safety during the tour. All Instructors have a third-level certificate issued by the International Rowing Federation and have completed a first-aid course.

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